Vagabond designs

…is a raw design company that has evolved out of an undisguised passion for using found
objects and recycled materials to create distinctive, and largely functional artpieces
for your home. We use only local materials,found objects,and home-sawn urban-harvested timber,
mostly from invasive alien species, lead-free sealers and varnishes to finish off our work,
and are constantly searching out alternative solutions to the toxic products that have become
the norm in our homes. A simple and clean life is the one we aspire to, and is the basis for
the work that we lure into existence at Vagabond…


was born and raised in Salt Rock, KZN, amid lush subtropical surroundings,and has
drawn on his natural habitat as inspiration for his art as a sculptor, designer, cartoonist
& painter. He has been a professional vagabond for many years, wandering through England,
Spain, Australia, New Zealand, The United States, and Canada. His art stems not only
from his experiences with the world and his fine art background, but is heavily influenced
by current global issues, and the attempt to live a pure life. With a relentless imagination
and obsession to detail, Andrew creates pieces that delve into the fantastical through
enhancing the beauty of that which occurs naturally.


although native to South Africa,has explored extensively through studies and professions,
including past lives in Indiana and Michigan, USA, a business degree, and careers in
professional boxing and high-tech project management for big corporations. Kerry is a
hands-on and hands-dirty kind of person who will take on anything new in the effort to
support her growing number of incongruent skills and interests.


is a born artist whose only trouble is deciding on a medium of choice. He is an expert
wire-worker, a potter, carpenter and sculptor. He uses his natural surroundings and his cultural
experiences as a Xhosa man as inspiration for his work. Originally from rural Transkei, he has
been living and working on Claremont Farm for over 7 years, and has become a master of many trades.


Intern Luwazi Mpedlo hails from the South Africa/Mozambique border town of Mbazwane. Where he
spent his youth in a rural environment and living off the land, growing wonderful Mozambican
fruits and nuts. He is an avid lover of reggae music and has a wonderful outsider art garden.
After moving to the ʻbig cityʼ he has been learning to expand his imagination and grow himself
as an artist while learning the woodworking trade.