The Top 5 Restaurant WordPress Themes

The Top 5 Restaurant WordPress Themes

In this article, we will talk about the top 5 WordPress themes for a budding restaurant. When it comes to a restaurant business the food quality is the most important thing, but choosing the right design for your website can be a huge factor in your restaurant success online. WordPress themes do a great job for giving a restaurant a unique structure on the web.

The first theme we will discuss today is called “The Flavor“, which is a modern WordPress theme designed for classy restaurants and cafes. The Flavor theme has a professional and elegant look, with some neat and clean contact sections. This type of design makes you want to further explore the content found on the page and it uses many visual references to show you the food available. It has a full-screen design and an easy scrolling feature. The Flavor theme also includes features such as responsive design, and built-in page design.

The next WordPress theme for restaurants we will talk about today is called “Rosa“. This restaurant design theme stands out and is a wonderful choice for its unique scrolling effect. When you scroll the planes slowly move up and down to parallel what you see beside of it. It too has an elegant and modern look to it, making the content easy to navigate through. It also has a full-screen header, coming with a highly responsive design as well. A couple of the features include an easy rental forum, WooCommerce, and a live customizer. This is a great choice for those who prefer a more text-based design.

The third WordPress theme we will talk about today is ideal for the minimalist client out there. This theme is known as “Resto“. Resto is a restaurant theme with minimal content to keep it simple. Resto is made to look clean and simple, and this makes page selections easy as well as is reading about the products offered at the restaurant in question. It has an elegant event box, which allows visitors to make reservations, along wth other interactive features. Some of the other features of Resto include a responsive design, a drag-and-drop home event management system, and multi-color schemes. A few of the other fantastic features that Resto has to offer are custom widgets, menu management, and SEO and speed optimization.

The next theme on our list of WordPress themes for restaurants is “Luigi“. Luigi is an elegant and fullscreen theme for a classy restaurant. It uses simplicity to highlight your best content, while keeping the functions simple for the user. It comes with a friendly booking and contact form, and a nice organization of menus. Other features include easy homepage editor, design, set calendar, and SEO ready. This is another great theme for that minimalist out there, and people who just want to keep it simple for the user site. Although this is a simplistic style page it is highly interactive and it still makes it easy to interact with the page itself. The price of this theme generally runs about $80.

For our final WordPress theme we will talk about “Downtown“, and Downtown is a lovely full-screen restaurant design. Downtown is a WordPress theme with a wonderful catchy design that is made to put your menu right in the spotlight and attract people to your food. Everything in this theme is easy to follow along with, and the content is displayed elegantly. Through the display of your food, the functionality is integrated into the visual art of your page. Some of the features of Downtown include slider revolution, responsive design, custom post, built-in shortcuts, Ajax contact form, custom widgets, custom logo, and various backgrounds. The price of this theme is generally about $50 and is a great choice for the more visual customer.

In conclusion, WordPress is a highly effective tool for building your website or blog for your restaurant. This is just a short list of the most effective themes we have found. If you want to see more WordPress themes we suggest venturing online and doing a little research. There are a great many themes out there on WordPress that may suit you and your style better. When building a website on WordPress there’s a very high success rate due to all the features WordPress has to offer. These restaurant themes, in particular, have shown to be successful for both the minimalist and those who like more visual content as well as extra features. No matter what your needs for your restaurant website WordPress is the best choice for designing your website.

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